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2012 Assessment Cohort

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Faculty Facilitators: 

Carol Hurney, James Madison University

Janet Branchaw, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Patrice Ludwig, James Madison University

Kristina Obom, Johns Hopkins University


Amy Chang, Kelly Gull, and Kari Sherwood


Program Website and Contact Information:

Assessment Scholars


Peter Angelastro

Naugatuck Valley Community College

(formerly University of Hartford)


Robert Brennan

University of Central Oklahoma


Loren Byrne

Roger Williams University


Melissa Carroll

University of Texas at El Paso


Lydia Daniels

University of Pittsburgh


Cynthia DeBoy

Trinity Washington University


Bryan Dewsbury

Florida International University


Diane Hartman

Baylor University


Maureen Leonard

Mount Mary College


Mark Martin

University of Puget Sound


Mialy Rabe

Shaw University


Ann Smith

University of Maryland


Aeisha Thomas

Crown College


Ella Tour

University of California, San Diego


Wendy Trzyna

Marshall University


Cuc Vu

St. Catherine University

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