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Learning Objectives

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Draft Learning Objectives for CHEM347

Course:  CHEM347 Advanced Topics in Biochemistry

Description:  an elective, upper level course for Biochemistry majors, this is a research integrated laboratory course that meets 8 hours per week,  the course is split between topics in bioinformatics and proteomics

Unit:  structure dictates function, protein-protein interactions

Learning Goals:

-apply the systems biology approach to understanding the relationships between the genome, the proteome, and the interactome

-know and use computational biology to predict the evolutionary relatedness and function of proteins

-apply current laboratory techniques to the purification of proteins and the elucidation of their function

Learning Objectives:


-  list the 4 levels of protein structure

- describe the relationship between genomic structure and the encoded  protein

- describe the modular nature of proteins

- differentiate between protein homology and functional homology

- use computation biology databases, such Blast, SwissPro, and Flybase


- interpret blast results and recognize homologues

- research, retrieve and analyze scientific literature

-analyze and determine the appropriate laboratory technique  


- predict the efficacy of their chosen technique based on interpretation of computational data

- predict possible function of their protein based on homology and interacting partners

-design an experimental scheme to elucidate the function of protein

- present their data in a clear, significant, and summarized seminar to the class

-write up their findings in manuscript form using scientific and academic language


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