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Exam Question Alignment Analyses

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·         Demonstrate understanding of diverse host-pathogen-vector interactions

·         Apply class knowledge to topics encountered in the future

Question from old exam:  The program “Nothing But Nets” seeks to limit malaria in parts of the world by distributing mosquito nets.  Briefly explain the relationship between mosquitoes and malaria.


Grid for these objectives

Cognitive level

1-Recall: correct term for malaria’s biological vector; result of break in transmission link; detailed recall beyond general knowledge (before class); pick a correct term; what kind of microbe; Match a list of diseases to causative microbe; Which of these diseases are vector-borne?

2-Comprehension: describe or re-tell how microbe affects vector; What is the difference between a mechanical and biological vector?

3-Application: Predict role of anti-mosquito program; Make a prediction based on data from a vector-control program for similar disease

4-Analysis: interpret data after implementation of net program; Analyze data from insect tests for the anatomical location of microbes in a vector

5-Synthesis:  Develop a hypothesis or experiment to demonstrate that mosquitoes are the only vector for malaria; Create a model that would show that a vector other than mosquitoes are responsible for transmitting malaria; Hypothesize based on climate why malaria is not a disease problem in Canada;

6-Evaluation: Does the following data affirm or disprove the hypothesis that a non-mosquito vector transmits malaria

Summative Assessment:


New Questions:

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