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Independent Project Rubric

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Students are welcome to create a visual representation for their creative product. However, this should be accompanied by plates, or other interpretive text describing their inspiration. 

 Learning Objectives
(Fink's taxonomy)



Applying foundational knowledge about birds and the scientific method
(Foundational Knowledge, Application)

(Lower-level Bloom's criteria: Defines, identifies, states) > > (Upper-level Bloom's criteria: Analysis, synthesis, evaluation)
Explicitly relating course ideas to everyday life
(Integration, Application)
Providing rationale or coherent argument for topic choice (from personal relevance or societal importance)
(Caring, Integration) 
Evaluating or synthesizing existing ideas, arguments, or images relating to science
(Skills, Foundational Knowledge)
Creatively designing an end product
(Skills - creative thinking)
Effectively communicating a message or findings (via graphs, rhetoric, images)
(Integration, Skills, Application)
Explicitly reflecting on their topic choice and research (or creative) process
(Learning How to Learn, Human Dimensions)
Identifies or lists Describes, provides rationale Predicts, infers, creates Demonstrates metacognition, critiques own thought processes, evaluates relative merit of arguments in a wider context of what society would deem interesting or relevant




1- Adv Applies all correct elements of the scientific method to the idea at hand, drawing conclusions at the appropriate time with appropriate evidence.

5- Beginning Clear message or visuals lacking, communication detracts from message to be conveyed

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