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Learning objective: 

Communicate the results of an experiment in professional scientific format.  


Goal 1 - Introduction: Identify and compose a clear objective statement for the experiment.

Advanced:  Correctly identifies objective and scope of the project. Correct use of terminology associated with the experiment. The experiment is referred to in the past tense.

Competent:  Correctly identifies the objective and scope of the project. Description contains some imprecise or inconsistent use of terminology. Refers to experiment in the present tense.

Developing:  Objective is incomplete.  Includes references to the “class”, “group” or other non-professional language.  Incorrect use of terminology.

Beginning:  Does not correctly identify or express the objective of the experiment.   Author confuses objective of the experiment with the methods.

Goal 2 - Results: Construct a visually effective presentation of results.

Advanced:   Gel/blot image is clearly labeled including sample identities and proteins of interest.  Labels are neat and in font sizes that are easy to read.  Figure includes an accurate and complete title below the image.   Enough information provided for results to be understood by the reader.

Competent: Minor deviations from top level but the experimental results can still be understood by the reader.

Developing: Missing one component of a complete figure.  Results can only be partially understood by the reader

Beginning:  Missing two or more components of a complete figure. Results cannot be understood by the reader.


Goal 3 – Discussion: Draw a valid conclusion from the data, and use specific experimental results to support your conclusion.

Advanced:  Correctly interprets results and supports conclusion with data from both Coomassie gel and Western blot.   Paragraph begins with broad evaluation of the objective as outlined in the Introduction followed by supporting statements arranged in a logical order.

Competent:  Correct conclusion made and appropriate supporting evidence is present.  Structure does not support the logic of the argument.

Developing:  Correct conclusion made but missing elements of supporting evidence.  Or results simply restated.

Beginning:  Incorrect conclusion made about the data.


Goal 4 – Discussion: Relate results of current experiment to previously published reports.

Advanced:  Author uses previous studies as support for (or contrast with) current analysis.  Connects to the outside literature in a specific manner.  Cited using (Author Year) format.

Competent:  Outside literature is present but is used only in a general manner.  Uses citation format other than Author Year.

Developing:  Outside literature is present, but is not cited or

Beginning:  Outside literature is not used.  


Goal 5 – Writing is concise, clear, and easy to understand.

Advanced:  Writing has been revised to remove grammatical or typographical errors, ambiguous pronouns, empty phrases and anthropomorphic/possessives.   Paper can be read with ease.

Competent: Writing errors force the reader to reread some sentences, but main ideas can still be understood.

Developing: Writing obscures the main ideas of the paper.

Beginning: Paper was not ready for final submission.

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