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Oxford College of Emory University is a two-year division of Emory University located on its original historic campus in Oxford, Georgia (the larger university moved to Atlanta in 1916).  Students choosing to be on a small campus (900 students) with a liberal arts focus in their first two years begin at Oxford College and automatically continue in their junior year to the main campus of Emory University in Atlanta to complete their Bachelor's degree.  Therefore, my teaching at Oxford College is solely focused on first and second year students.  I mainly teach the first year curriculum consisting of two course: Biology 141 - Cell Biology and Genetics and Biology 142: Advanced Topics in Genetics and Molecular Biology.  I recently developed a new general education course Biology 155: Applications and Communications in Biology, concentrating on the public side of biology, open to majors and non-majors.  In addition to teaching these courses, I supervise 1-2 undergraduate research students (freshmen and/or sophomores) each year.  I also spend the summer working with 1-2 students.   I have  taught Human Anatomy and Physiology for pre-allied health students in past years.



One of the main constraints that influences how I teach is the knowledge level of my students. As freshmen and sophomores, students are very new to learning and it is a challenge to find a balance between engaging my students in more independent learning within a framework of guided learning.  Students, especially at this early stage, find it easier if the instructor "tells them where to go" rather than having to find the path themselves (which some students interpret as a negative aspect of the course).  Lack of appropriate laboratory facilities, funding, and supporting personnel always present challenges.
My main professional goal has always been to improve myself as a teacher so that I may continuously stimulate my students about science.  Recently I have become interested in emphasizing interdisciplinary ways of learning in my courses; my inspiration comes from attending a PKAL/Keck Foundation Colloquium last October, and a Emory University Pedagogy Seminar last summer about transforming one's community by drawing attention to social history and problems.  I have recently implemented some of my ideas into my general education course, Biology 155, but would like to explore ways to do the same in the core courses for Biology majors (Biology 141 and 142).  I also find that I have much to learn about assessment of student learning which is what I am eager to acheive through the ASM-BSP Assessment Residency.  I would like to continue my long-term interest in involving first and second year students in undergraduate research, particularly through introductory coursework.  Finally, since funding is important to all of my professional goals, I would like to continue to improve my skills in grant writing and develop an exciting project for the Oxford College science program.












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