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Learning Objectives

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Experimental design and Data Analysis: My class is Animal Behavior. It is a lecture/lab combo and I want to focus on exerimental design. Below I listed the Learning Objectives and tried to place them in the appropriate categories from Bloom's taxonomy so that I can see how they breakdown (just to make sure that no one category is overloaded). I have tried to unpack the component parts of experimental design as I approach it in the course. This would be a semester long objective and I would focus on the elements below one at a time in directed activities.

Context: Throughout the semester, I show clips of animals going through various novel behavioral displays. Most of the objectives below address how students use their observations to address experimental approaches measuring the behavior.

Learning Objectives: Students will be able to observe a novel behavior and

1.     Knowledge

St                                      a.   define the components and postures of the behavior

b.     identify variables that could be influencing the behavior

2.     Comprehension

a.     identify multiple hypotheses for the behavior

3.     Application

a.     Understand how to control for inter-observer reliability

4.     Analysis

a.     identify measurable predictions that spring from those experiments

5.     Synthesis

a.     design an experiment to test their hypotheses

b.     Execute their own experiments

6.     Evaluation

a.     be able to evaluate the differences between anecdotal explanations of behavior and explanations supported by data

b.     Use data to support their conclusions 

c.      articulate possible proximate and ultimate reasons for the behavior

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