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1) Describe your teaching responsibilities and the type of student you teach,
Although I am in a Biomedical Engineering program (my undergraduate degree is engineering and my doctorate is physiology), I coordinate the majority of our health science course offered to nursing and perfusion students. My main teaching responsibilities are physiology, pathophysiology and pharmacology at both the undergraduate  (nursing) and graduate (perfusion) levels. We are considered a selective college and so my students tend to come in with fairly high ACT scores, etc. and my class sizes are small.
2) Describe your teaching challenge,
One of my biggest challenges is putting together good assessments, whether they be exam writing or appropriate rubrics for other activities (presentations, papers, etc.). I am hoping to use the knowledge gained in the institute go help guide me with future assessment development. 
3) Describe your professional development goals.
As cours coordinator for a number of science-based courses I would like to be a campus leader when it comes to appropriate assessment and pedagogical research. I believe that, as educators, it is our responsibility to grow professionally as educators as well as maintain current in the knowledge of our disciplines.
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