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Learning Objectives I

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Course: "Organisms" (Fall Semester- Freshmen Biology Majors, Spring Semester- Upperclassmen Health Science Majors)

Weeks 1-3 of course covering chemical evolution (incl. macromolecules), cell membranes and membrane transport

Objective I

Students will be able to sketch at time-line to show Oparin and Haldane's theory of chemical evolution from prebiotic earth to a living cell.

Objective II

Students will understand the laws of thermodynamics and how they apply to chemical evolution

Objective III

Students will be able to explain how the results of Stanley Miller's experiment support's Oparine and Haldane's theory of chemical evolution and  the unanswered questions in the theory of Chemical evolution that Miller's expeiment and others have not been able to address.

Objective IV

Students will be able to list, identify to determine distinguishing properties of the 4 basic macromolecules

Objective V

Students will be able to identify the defining characteristics that distinguish life from non-life and provide examples of the characteristics in different groups of oranisms.

Objective VI

Students will be able to provide evidence of RNA World Hypothesis based on the basic properties of macromolecules and the criteria for the first self-replicating molecule

Objective VII

Students will understand molecular characteristics that impact polarity and how polarity determines behavior of molecules.

Objective VIII

Students will be able to sketch a phospholipid bilayer and identify the polar and non-polar regions and explain phospolipid characteristics of length, saturation and temperature impact permeability of the membrane

Objective IIX

Students will identify key characteristics and distinguish between passive diffusion, osmosis, facilitated transport and active transport as mechanisms of membrane transport

Objective IX

Students will be able to use their fundamental knowledge of molecule polarity (objective VII) phosophlipid bilayers (objective VIII) and membrane transport (objective IIX) to predict relative levels of movement of different molecules with different phosopholipid bilayer features.

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