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Cooperative Learning Ideas

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Best formats to work with for Bio 114:

Have students in groups of 5-6 write questions that they will then swap with another group and the other group must answer the questions. To write questions, must use 3 different questioning formats (from the King A., Inquiry as a Tool in Critical Thinking. In Changing College Classrooms, 1994). Ideal topics: Natural Selection and Evolution, Land Plant evolution and Membranes and Membrane Transport

Jigsaw, 3 different colored papers; glycolysis, krebs and etc questions. Then get together, teach each other and then answer questions together about entire process.

Red and yellow cards to students to hold up to tell me to slow down or stop.

Stop in middle of lecture, write one minute paper on what I just said but have to read and give them feedback.

Must grade these assessments and give back right away- next class.

Use IFAT the day after on an online warm up quiz- same questions.

Need to grade IFAT individual

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