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a.      Design an environmental sampling experiment using the principles of the scientific method 

b.      Write a lab report providing the proper information in the introduction, methods, results and discussion sections 

c.       Cite the text and provide a bibliography using the method used by Applied Environmental Microbiology 

d.      Interpret and analyze data that you collected 


       I.            TITLE (1 POINTS) 

a.       Clear and Concise 

                                                              i.      Gives a specific indication of what the study is about 

    II.            INTRODUCTION (4 POINTS) 

a.       Clearly state and define the purpose 

                                                              i.      State its significance 

b.      Provide background information that is pertinent to the research question 

                                                              i.      Are important terms defined? 

                                                            ii.      Are important findings noted? 

c.       State research question and/or hypothesis 

                                                              i.      Give rationale for hypothesis or question (Background information) 

d.      Organize the information so it can be easily followed 

 III.            METHODS (5 POINTS) 

a.       Present methods in past tense 

b.      Describe experiment in paragraph form 

                                                              i.      Provide detail as needed for specific protocols 

                                                            ii.      Use subheading for long method sections 

                                                          iii.      Use short sentences 

                                                           iv.      Can this be repeated? 

c.       Describe samples and equipment 

                                                              i.      Source and handling 

d.      Explain statistical analysis 

                                                              i.      Is it an appropriate statistical test? 




 IV.            RESULTS (6 POINTS) 

a.       Summarize all results in text 

                                                              i.      Use Past Tense 

b.      Use text to summarize findings 

c.       Use tables/figures as needed 

                                                              i.      Contains enough information to stand alone 

                                                            ii.      Need a title and legend 

                                                          iii.      Label axes 

                                                          iv.      Figures are graphs, drawing, and photos 

                                                            v.      Tables and figures are labeled separately 

d.      Differences are expressed with statistical verification 

    V.            DISCUSSION (10 POINTS) 

a.       Verify or disprove hypothesis 

                                                              i.      Connect results to objective and hypothesis 

b.      Discuss unusual or unexpected finding 

c.       Connect the literature and current data (proper citation) 

d.      Distinguish facts from speculation 

 VI.            REFERENCES (4 POINTS) 

a.       Properly cite work from peer reviewed sources in the text using format for Applied Environmental Microbiology 

b.      Create Bibliography of cited work using the format in the format for Applied Environmental Microbiology 



a.       Organized writing 

b.      No grammatical errors 

c.       Proper sentence structure 

d.      Proper format 

                                                              i.      Double-Spaced 


a.       The information is in the correct section of the paper 

b.      Seamless transitions throughout the report 













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