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I teach undergraduate students at Kutztown University.  I teach the microbiology courses for the majors.  My primary courses are applied environmental microbiology (department requirement), medical microbiology (elective) and food microbiology (elective).

My greatest challenge is in creating test questions that emphasize the goals of the course and can determine how well the students understand the material and are not just good at memorizing.  One of my major goals is to improve the lab portion of the course.  I want to do my best to create students who are talented at lab skills and using them in creative thinking projects.  One of my challenges with this goal is to create proper assessments and provide necessary feedback.

My goals are to help in the development of my students by becoming a better educator and begin working in education-based research and assessment of lab skills.  I want to learn to conduct experiments that can help me alter the courses to properly assess if I am teaching the information I describe in my course objectives.

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