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"Writing Assignment"

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Groups of 4




  • -       Generate a hypothesis/design an experiment based on information you are studying (synthesis)
  • -       Collect and analyze data (Analysis)
  • -       Communicate data through a bar graph (analysis)
  • -       Evaluate data & the experiment (evaluation)

Select one of the following areas to focus on:

  • -       Climate Change Arguments/Misconceptions
  • -       Waste disposal habits
  • -       Biodiversity
  • -       Food consumption habits


Each group member spends some time looking up this environmental issue focusing on the following questions:




·      As a group, formulate 5 to 8 objective questions using the Lifestyle Survey as a guide. Post these questions to the forum on Insight

·      Formulate a hypothesis about the responses to EACH question (individual post on Insight).

·      Create an organized data sheet/chart for each group member to follow (turn in data sheet in class)

·      Go out and collect data from 5 people EACH for each question

·      Compile data (20 people) with rest of group and calculate percentages of response








Question development (25%)





Hypothesis (10%)




Statements related to the questions.

Data Sheet (5%)






Data Calculations (10%)




Accurate percentage calculations

Bar Graph (25%)



Separate graphs

·      Title

·      X-axis label

·      Y-axis label

·      Color code/Legend

·      Data represented accurately

·      All on one graph


Data Evaluation (25%)




·      Does the data support the hypotheses and does it match any of your predications?

·      Explain trend in data

·      Conclusion

·      Discussion of confounding variables

·      Cultural factors

·      Future experiments


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