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Learning Objectives - past

·      You will be putting together an educational booklet.  The booklet should contain basic information on genetically modified foods.  The target audience is college freshmen who are not biology majors.  This portfolio is meant to be educational reading material on a subject that they do not know much (or anything!) about.

·      You can illustrate the cover, and make use of creative graphics etc.  However, the content of the portfolio needs to be scientifically solid.

·      Please make sure that you cite all your references, otherwise you will be plagiarizing someone else’s work.  I will take points off for information that does not come with appropriate references.

·      You will submit the portfolio to me in two versions : a paper copy and a pdf     version.

Learning Objectives - current


1. Foundational Knowledge

Describe what genetically modified foods are, and how they differ from "normal" foods.

(Demonstrated by clarity of narratives)

2. Application 

Apply and be able to extend class content by selection of relevant articles ( peer-reviewed and popular press  articles).  

3. Integration

Provide a written synopsis of the articles that demonstrates understanding of principles of molecular biology and genetics.

4. Human Dimension

Demonstrate team work skills as you build the portfolio.

(Use peer evaluations for this)

5. Communication

Demonstrate appropriate written skill in narratives.
(Appropriate grammar, flow of text and clarity of explanation of the choice of articles)


Assessments - both formative and summative in finished portfolio product

Formative assessment = student reflective on learning once portfolio submitted = to be set up fort Spring 2012.


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