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Assessment Using Exam Questions

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  2. 2. MEIOSIS


Learning objective: Students will comprehend and be able to explain the light reactions of photosynthesis.


Bloom = Comprehension

Fink = Comprehension.

Question :

Describe the light reactions of photosynthesis.  In your answer, please specify the components of the electron transfer chain involved, and the final products of the light reactions.

Rewritten question(s):

A plant is growing in the shade of your garden, where it gets low levels of sunlight.  You decide to move into a part of the garden that gets full sunlight.

1. Predict what happens to the rate of photosynthesis.

a. it decreases

b. it increases

c. it remains unchanged

(Bloom = Analysis; Fink = Application  )

2.  What parameter can you measure to experimentally prove that this is really what is happening  ?

Measure oxygen evolution using an oxygen electrode.

(Full credit for the whole answer; partial credit if only "measure oxygen" is given)

(Bloom = Application; Fink = Analysis)


Learning Objective: Students will be able to describe the process of meiosis, and predict the outcomes of this process that are critical for the inheritance of traits in an eukaryotic organism.


Bloom = Knowledge, Comprehension & Application

Fink =Knowledge, Comprehension & Analysis

Question: A eukaryotic cell with a chromosome number of 2n = 6 is undergoing cell division. Draw a diagram of this cell in prophase I and label all the important parts of your drawing. 

Rewritten question:

1. A eukaryotic cells with a chromosome number of 2n = 6 is undergoing meiosis.

At which stage of meiosis does crossing over take place ?

a. Prophase I

b. Prophase II

c. Metaphase I

d. Anaphase I

e. Telophase I


Bloom = Comprehension

Fink = Knowledge

2. Which event or process during meiosis helps to generate genetic variation  ?

a. Crossing over

b. Alignment of chromosomes in metaphase II

c. Replication of the chromosomes

d. Formation of sister chromatids

e. Formation of the cleavage furrow


Bloom = Knowledge

Fink = Knowledge

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