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Learning Objectives for BIO 312 Genetically Modified Foods

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Course Description:

This course covers topics in the creation and use of genetically modified animals and plants for food .  During the lectures we talk about techniques and methodology, and then go on to discussing the social, environmental and ethical aspects of this discipline.

As part of this course, students are required to work in teams and generate a portfolio containing articles that illustrate a theme in genetically modified foods.  Accompanying the articles should be student written narratives explaining why the specific articles were chosen for inclusion into the portfolio.  The articles can be chosen from the primary scientific literature, news magazines, and the web.  I am going to generate learning objectives for this project

Learning Objectives for the portfolio project:

1. Foundational Knowledge

Describe what genetically modified foods are, and how they differ from "normal" foods.

(Demonstrated by clarity of narratives)

2. Application 

Apply and be able to extend class content by selection of relevant articles ( peer-reviewed and popular press  articles).  

3. Integration

Provide a written synopsis of the articles that demonstrates understanding of principles of molecular biology and genetics.

4. Human Dimension

Demonstrate team work skills as you build the portfolio.

(Use peer evaluations for this)

5. Communication

Demonstrate appropriate written skill in narratives.
(Appropriate grammar, flow of text and clarity of explanation of the choice of articles)

communication skills in written narratives




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