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1. Teaching Responsibilities

I teach courses in both the undergraduate and graduate curricula in my department.

For the undergraduates, I teach a first quarter (we are in the quarter system!) Cells and Genetics course for freshmen that is a required course for Biology majors. As elective courses i teach Microbiology, microbial Pathogenesis, microbial Genetics (my specialty), Ethnobotany, and Genetically Modified Foods.

For Graduate students, I teach a required course on Issues in Scientific Research.

2. Teaching Challenge

In my opinion, current day students do not invest in “learning” for the purpose of acquiring knowledge.  To the students’ way of thinking, information is readily available in multiple formats that can be accessed when needed.  So, I find that rather than learning for the long-term purpose of acquiring knowledge, students generally study for an outcome: a quiz, an exam or entry into professional/ graduate schools.  As their instructor, it is important that I accept this viewpoint if I want to help them learn. Therefore, I need to tailor my expectations and my classroom practices to help them optimize their academic performance. My role is to act as a facilitator of student learning, to present concepts and ideas in a practical, applicable and “real world” context that feeds into their outcome oriented thinking. Thus, I want to help them obtain information, to enable them to discriminate between good and bad sources, and, ultimately, to acquire the ability to critically evaluate their sources. 


3. Professional Development Goals

Delivering high quality, effective instruction is one of my personal and professional goals. I can use my analytical skills evaluate the impact of my teaching methodology on student learning.  This gives me critical feedback on how successful my practices are in the acquisition of knowledge by my target audience, the students.  This analysis will again help me to optimize the way that i teach, and set up assessments for my courses.


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