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Measuring Student Learning Institute

Biology Scholars begin their Assessment Residency by attending a four-day Measuring Student Learning Institute. The Measuring Student Learning Institute will help biologists address three challenges when designing strategies for monitoring student learning:

(1) aligning exams to reflect course goals

(2) optimizing assignments (e.g. reading, writing, and laboratory) to reflect learning objectives, and

(3) integrating novel techniques to monitor student learning in courses.



The purposes of the Assessment Residency are to develop biologists’:  

  • capabilities to design course goals and assessments that are grounded in research on how people learn,
  • skills to create, design, plan, and implement evaluations that provide both formative and summative feedback,
  • network of colleagues for ongoing consultation and support to sustain improvements in teaching and learning.



The Assessment Residency is not a workshop to learn:

  • about programmatic assessment of majors or curricula for accreditation or program review,
  • about quantitative and qualitative data analysis,
  • how to design classroom or biology education research projects.



Upon completion of the Institute, participants will be able to:  

  • develop course goals that are measureable and effective,
  • identify or develop methods and instruments that measure student learning and demonstrate learning gaps or gains,
  • develop strategies to examine learning in ways that lead to helping students improve. 



Carol Hurney, James Madison University, Harrisonburg, VA
Sarah Ades, Penn State University, University Park, PA
Gail Begley, Northeastern University, Boston, MA
Bryan Dewsbury, University of Rhode Island, Kingston, RI
Jordan Moberg Parker
, University of California, Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA



2015 BSP Assessment Residency Wiki Workspace

Jacob Adler, Brescia University
Christine Andrews, Lane Community College
Amy Beadles-Bohling, University of Portland
Dwayne Boucaud, Quinnipiac University
Michele Culumber, Weber State University
Sara Dick, Valparaiso University
Donnasue Graesser, Quinnipiac University
Michael Hanophy, St. Joseph's College
Angela Hartsock, University of Akron-Wayne College
Karen Huffman, Genesee Community College
Adam Kleinschmit, Adams State University
Karla Lightfield, University of Kentucky
Carl Luciano, Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Julia Massimelli, Univesity of California Irvine
Christopher Parker, Texas Wesleyan University
Mia Ray, Trinity Washington University
Nathan Reyna, Ouachita Baptist University
Rachna Sadana, University of Houston-Downtown
Padma Seshadri, Suffolk County Community College, Grant Campus
Zakiya Whatley, Gettysburg College


2014 BSP Assessment Residency Wiki Workspace

Gaurav Arora, Georgetown University
Nickie Cauthen, LaGrange College
Ann Cleveland, Maine Maritime Academy
Elia Crisucci, University of Pittsburgh
Brian Gentry, Drake University
Ashwini Kucknoor, Lamar University
Jaclyn Madden, Harford Community College
Melinda Maris, Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine - Georgia Campus
Jordan Moberg Parker, University of California, Los Angeles
Amy Morris, Hastings College
Joya Mukerji, Harvard Medical School / Harvard Extension School
Denise Pope, SimBio Software
Lalitha Ramamoorthy, Marian University
Ines Rauschenbach, Rutgers University
Julia Schmitz, Piedmont College
Veronica Segarra, Rollins College
Bill Staddon, Eastern Kentucky University
Rebecca Stadel, Naugatuck Valley Community College
Bob Tallitsch, Augustana College
Foong Yeong, National University of Singapore


2013 BSP Assessment Residency Wiki Workspace

Lee H. Abrahamsen, Bates College
Sarah Ades, Penn State University
Alenka Hlousek-Radojcic, University of Delaware
Nathalia Holtzman, Queens College; City University of New York
Megan W. Howard, University of Alaska - Anchorage
Jerry H. Kavouras, Lewis University
Joan Kiely, Stony Brook University
Crystal B. McAlvin, University of Tennessee
Sally D. Molloy, University of Maine
Maura C. Pavao, Worcester State University
Kaustubha R. Qanungo, Trident Technical College
Stephanie A. Richards, Bates College
Anne G. Rosenwald, Georgetown University
Mary E. Shaw, New Mexico Highlands University
Eric P. Spana, Duke University
Tatiana C. Tatum Parker, Saint Xavier University
Didem Vardar-Ulu, Wellesley College
Matthew J.F. Waterman, Eastern Nazarene College
Maureen M. Whitehurst, Trident Technical College


2012 BSP Assessment Residency Wiki Workspace

Peter Angelastro, Naugatuck Valley Community College (formerly University of Hartford)
Robert Brennan, University of Central Oklahoma
Loren Byrne, Roger Williams University
Melissa Carroll, University of Texas at El Paso
Lydia Daniels, University of Pittsburgh
Cynthia DeBoy, Trinity Washington University
Bryan Dewsbury, Florida International University
Diane Hartman, Baylor University
Maureen Leonard, Mount Mary College
Mark Martin, University of Puget Sound
Mialy Rabe, Shaw University
Ann Smith, University of Maryland
Aeisha Thomas, Crown College
Ella Tour, University of California, San Diego
Wendy Trzyna, Marshall University
Cuc Vu, St. Catherine University


2011 BSP Assessment Residency Wiki Workspace

Shivanthi Anandan, Drexel University
Chantilly Apollon, City College of San Francisco
Dan Aruscavage, Kutztown University
Gail Begley, Northeastern University
Kerry Cresawn, James Madison University
Ron Gerrits, Milwaukee School of Engineering
Jay Hosler, Juniata College
Nitya Jacob, Oxford College of Emory University
Narveen Jandu, Harvard Medical School
Kristin Lewis, University of Notre Dame
Colleen McLinn, Cornell University
Phil Mixter, Washington State University
Jennifer Roecklein-Canfield, Simmons College

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